Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Is fabric included with my Roller Shade System purchase?

Fabric is not included with your purchase. Fabric can be purchased from any roller shade fabric supplier or from us separately.

Q2 How noisy is the Roller Shade System?

Roller Shade System is very quiet during opening and closing operation.

Q3 How long is the warranty for Roller Shade System?

Thee years for parts, three years for labor and lifetime support warranty is included with every purchase made from PowerCurtain.

Q4 Can I adjust length of the Roman Shade System?

Yes, you can adjust size of your Roman Shade System. It is a fairly simple and straight-forward procedure.

Q5 Can I direct-connect my Roman Shade to the power source?

You can connect Roman Shade System Model IV directly to your household electrical system.

Q6 What is the difference between Roller and Roman Shade System?

Both systems operate similarly, by rolling fabric up when opening and un-rolling fabric down for when closing a shade. Main difference is that Roman Shade System comes with special Coiler rings, allowing for strings to wind onto, which in turn converts Roller to a Roman Shade System.

For additional questions, please contact our sales team