Motorized Roller/Roman Shade System - II

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CL-920 Commercial Grade Silent Curtain System

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Motorized Roller/Roman Shade System - III

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ER-900 Motorized Roller/Roman Shade System II

Roller Shade System (without Coiler) • Roman Shade System (with Coilers)
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Item: Width / Carrying Weight:     Price:                                 
6 feet or less • 30 lbs $175

7 feet or less • 30 lbs $225

8 feet or less • 30 lbs $275

Coiler, converts Roller to Roman

What is included with my remote-controlled electric Roller Shade System - II ?

Retail package. Includes everything needed for the installation

Upgrades and Optional Accessories

Item: Description: Price:
Coiler for Roman Shade
Coiler, used to convert Roller to Roman Shade System II, System III or System IV

Handle Controller
Handle Controller

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Features: Specifications:
• Slim designed: weight and volume are 30% less than other similar products • Input voltage: 110V~120V/60 Hz
• Remote control can manage 8 sets of units without interference of each other • Optional 220V~240V/50 Hz
• Can control both R/C Curtain & R/C Rolling Blind System interchangeably • Output voltage: 12V DC
• Stops at any position preferred • Operation power: 18W
• "Opening Position" and "Stop Position" are programmable • Stand-by power: 0.05W
• Controlled by either a remote control or a detachable control pad • Remote control type: Radio
• Automatically stops within 2 seconds when the blind is fully opened or closed • Maximum remote distance: 38 feet
• Very simple and easy installation • Endurance of the motor: ~1000 hours
• Safe and reliable 12V DC transformer w/GS, BS, CE or UL approval • Range of the blind width: 19 inch to 8 feet
• 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty • Maximum load: <=30 lbs