Configuring Apple HomeKit with CL-920 Curtain Track via RJ11 Motor port

Insteon Hub 2243-222

Insteon On/Off Smart Plug

Set up instructions for the above 2 devices:

Now you can connect the Curtain Motor RJ11 port to the Insteon On/Off Smart Plug using following PowerCurtain 1450 Adapter Module:
Low Voltage Relay Automation Adapter 1450
This adapter allows an automated outlet or appliance module to control your curtains or other low voltage device. Also works great with automation technologies that don't offer compatible low voltage controller modules. Comes with 2 prong AC input cable and RJ12 output cable for direct connectivity to PowerCurtain CL-920 drapery motors. Use RJ12 screw terminal connecting block (available separately) for other applications. Works with Zigbee, Z-wave, INSTEON, X10, UPB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any automated outlet or On/Off appliance module. $50

Automation Connectivity Interface
Optional RJ-11 Port for direct connection to Home Theater or your Home Automation System. Compatible with most major Home Automation System standards. Compatible with CL-920A, CL-920C3, CL-920C4 and CL-920C6 models.$39

The Motor Power Adapter should be plug into the Insteon On/Off Smart Plug.
Since the Apple Home is controlling the Insteon On/Off Smart Plug, you will say “turn on PowerCurtain” or “turn off PowerCurtain”. This is assumed that when you set up the “name of device” on the Insteon On/Off Smart Plug, you will call it “PowerCurtain”.