Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Will CL-920 motorized curtain track system support weight of my curtains?

CL-920 Track with a single motor can handle up-to 150lbs of curtain weight. Track with two motors can handle up-to 200lbs of curtain weight.

Q2 How noisy is the CL-920 model of Motorized Curtain Track System?

Motor of the CL-920 Track generates almost no audible noise. The only sound that you may hear is that of a curtain moving along the Track.

Q3 How long is the warranty from PowerCurtain for CL-920 Curtain System?

Thee years for parts, three years for labor and lifetime support warranty is included with every purchase made from PowerCurtain.

Q4 What is included with my CL-920 Curtain System purchase?

Track, motor, eyelets, remote control, mounting brackets and installation instructions.

Q5 Can I adjust length of my CL-920 Curtain Track System?

Adjusting length of your CL-920 Track is a very complicated and cumbersome process. It requires completely dismantling the Track, cutting it, using special metal-cutting electric saw and then re-assembling it. If the size of your CL-920 Track requires adjustment for your project, please specify exact length at the time you are placing your order and we will adjust it for you at no additional cost.

Q6 Why is CL-920 model of the Curtain Track System is more expensive than CL-820 model?

CL-920 is a heavier duty Track, made from a heavier steel, can handle heavier curtain weight, belt-driven mechanism, quieter operation, contains more built-in features and expandability options, can be direct-connected to your household electrical system. CL-920 Curtain Track System can be designed and ordered in any length, shape or form, based on your particular project requirements.

Q7 How much stacking space is needed after a curtain is fully opened on CL-920 Curtain Track System?

The approximate stacking space is about 17" + 9" = 26" for a One Way Pull 10’ track. The stacking space is about 8" + 9" = 17" on each side for a Center Open track. For more details, please see following link: CL-920 curtain stacking space instructions.

Q8 What is the difference between CL-920A, CL-920C3, CL-920C3WiFi, CL-920C4 and CL-920C6 models of the Curtain Track?

CL-920A model is designed for power connection through Power Adapter (included with your purchase). CL-920C3 model is designed for direct power connection to your household electrical system (no wall switch option). CL-920C4 model is designed for direct power connection to your household electrical system with optional connection to a wall switch (can be purchase separately). CL-920C6 model is designed for direct power connection to your household electrical system with optional connection to a wall switch with constant power supply to the motor. (requirement for some home automation systems).

CL-920A: A, B, D, F, I
CL-920C3: A, B, D, G, I
CL-920C3WiFi: A, B, E, G
CL-920C4: A, B, C, H, J
CL-920C6: A, B, C, H, K

A) Remote Control ( 1-channel to 15-channel)

B) Wireless Wall Control (1-channel and 2-channel) (model: R35-1 & R35-2)

C) Wired Wall Control through High Voltage (1-channel & 2-channel) (model: C35-1 & C35-2)

D) Wired Wall Control through Low Voltage-RJ11 port (1-channel) (model: KS01A)

E) Mobil Devices (Smartphone, Tablet) (IOS / Android)

F) Power Adapter 110V/240V

G) 3-wire Hard Wired to power lines directly

H) 4-wire Hard Wired to power lines in connection with a Wall Control / Relay (Wall Control can be supplied by us or customer has its own Wall Control or Relay)

I) Home Automation Low Voltage Connecting for Contact Closure (Dry Contact) for Logical Programming through the RJ11 port

J) Home Automation High Voltage Connecting (power supplied by the home automation system) (home automation system provides power, in this case, the Remote Control / Wireless Wall Control will NOT function as the Home Automation system takes over control and its Remote Control works)

K) Home Automation High Voltage Connecting (power supplied by both the Motor & home automation system) (both the Home Automation system and our Remote are able to work)

Additional information on differences between CL-820 and CL-920 tracks can be found on Technical Specification page.

For additional questions, please contact our sales team