Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Will CL-820 motorized curtain track system support weight of my curtains?

CL-820 Track with a single motor can handle up-to 100lbs of curtain weight.

Q2 How noisy is the CL-820 model of Motorized Curtain Track System?

You will almost hear no sound from the motor itself. You may hear a very low sound of moving curtains.

Q3 How long is the warranty for PowerCurtain products?

Thee years for parts, three years for labor and lifetime support warranty is included with every purchase made from PowerCurtain.

Q4 What is included with my CL-820 Curtain Track System?

Track, motor, wall control, eyelets, mounting brackets, remote control and installation instructions.

Q5 Can I adjust length of my CL-820 Curtain Track System?

Yes, CL-820 Track is fairly easy to cut and adjust to your desired length.

Q6 If I place and order today, when will it be shipped?

Orders are shipped within two to three working days once payment is cleared. Once shipped, tracking number with instructions will be emailed to you.

Q7 Why is the cost of CL-820 model Track less than that of CL-920 model?

CL-820 model of the Track is lighter duty, can handle less curtain weight, wire driven mechanism, comes with less built-in features and slightly louder operation than CL-920 model. Additional information on differences between CL-820 and CL-920 tracks can be found on Technical Specification page.

For additional questions, please contact our sales team