Motorized Roller/Roman Shade System - IV

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CL-920 Commercial Grade Silent Curtain System

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CL-820 Remote Control Electric Curtain System

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ZR-900 Motorized Roller/Roman Shade System IV

• Brand: Curtain Call
• Description: direct connect, up to 8ft length, maximum fabric weight 50 lbs
• Model: ZR-900-IV
• Condition: New
• Availability: In stock
• Reviewed by: Kersten R.
• Rating: 5.0
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User Guide and Product Details:

• Automatic Roller/Roman Shade System IV – User Guide

• 8 ft or less
• Super quiet operation, noise level below 45 dB
• Precise open/close limit switch
• Repeat limit precision +/- 3˚
• Use: Roller blind, Roman shade, Screen, Shutter
• Max. weight of fabric can be carried = 50 Lbs
• Direct Power Connection AC110V or AC230V
• Torque:10Nm, Speed:17RPM, Power:130W
• Controls:RS485, Dry Contact, Built-in RF receiver
• Adjustable electronic limiter setting

String Collector for Automatic Roman Shade IV:

Motor Size:

Installation Dimensions: Wiring Diagram:

Features: Specifications:
• Slim designed: weight and volume are 30% less than other similar products • Direct Power Connection AC110V - AC230V
• Remote control can manage 8 sets of units without interference of each other • Power frequency: 60Hz / 50Hz
• Super quiet operation, noise level below 45 dB • Rotational speed: 17RPM
• Stops at any position preferred • Operational power: 130W
• "Opening Position" and "Stop Position" are programmable • Motor torque: 10Nm
• Precise adjustable electronic limiter setting • Remote control type: Radio Frequency (RF)
• Automatically stops within 2 seconds when the shade is fully opened or closed • Maximum remote distance: 95 feet
• Very simple and easy installation • Endurance of the motor: ~1000 hours
• Controls:RS485, Dry Contact, Built-in RF receiver • Range of the roller shade: 3 to 8 feet
• 3 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty • Maximum load: up to 50 lbs